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Humans are all about pattern recognition: we want—and maybe need?—to believe that there’s order and meaning behind everything we see and do in life. The future is divined in teacups, superstitions are put on random objects, and—of course—we see ourselves in everything around us. Like the sky. Shinseungback Kimyonghun, a Seoul-based tech art collective, focus largely on computer vision, so most of their work take the form of script, with results that often verge on poetic. Their latest project, Cloud Face, uses facial recognition to capture wisps and puffs of vapor that—for a brief instant—converge to form the likeness of a human face.

NASA's Solar Propulsion Engine

This Tron-esque glowing blue ring isn't the latest designer lamp. In fact, it's NASA's cutting-edge solar-electric propulsion thruster, being tested in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Using xenon ions to create its thrust, the engine is being considered for use as part of the Asteroid Initiative—NASA's plan to capture a small asteroid and redirect it safely to an orbit around Earth. In fact, the engine is a radically updated and redesigned version of the one currently powering NASA's Dawn mission, as it head towards the asteroid belt

44 Million Records Last Year

When you think of hackers, your mind might jump to something like a Boris Grishenko (aka "that dude from Goldeneye") typing away on a keyboard one-handedly with virtuosic skill. A criminal mastermind. Verizon's annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) paints a bit of a different picture, for last year at least; most of these guys don't even have to know what they're doing.